First Training Event – Entrainment

We held the first training event on entrainment and the corresponding flow physics and measurement options in February and March 2021.


TS1 – Part1a (11/02/2020)




08:30 Welcome and Introduction of the Project

Gregor Giebel, DTU

08:45 Student introductions

All ESRs

09:15 The Entrainment: Wind Farm – Atmosphere Interaction

Jakob Mann, DTU

10:15 Human Bingo

Moderator: Tuhfe Göçmen, DTU

11:00 Modelling at different scales: Gaps & challenges. Microscale modelling

Søren Juhl Andersen, DTU

12:30 Offshore measurements: Gaps and Challenges - Wind lidars

Joachim Reuder, UiB & Mikael Sjøholm, DTU

TS1 – Part1b (18/02/2020)


08:45 Offshore measurements: Gaps and Challenges. Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Jens Bange, EKUT & Andreas Platis, EKUT

09:45 Modelling at different scales: Gaps & challenges. Mesoscale modelling

Jake Badger, DTU

11:00 Wind Tunnel: Gaps and Challenges

Fernando Porte-Agel, EPFL

12:30 Space-born remote sensing

Merete Badger, DTU

TS1 – Part2 : Assignments (18/02/2020 – 18/03/2021)


Pitch your project (3min videos) + blog post

All ESRs

Literature Review

All ESRs

TS1 – Part3 (18/03/2021)


10:00 Presentation of Pitches

All ESRs

11:15 Reading the blogs (breakout rooms) & feedback

All ESRs & Supervisory board

12:30 Literature Review Summary & potential areas of collaboration with other ESRs (padlets in breakout rooms)

All ESRs

14:45 Selection of the ESR committee & other practical issues

Moderator: Tuhfe Göçmen, DTU
30 NOVEMBER 2023